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Zero Trust Access For Dummies eBook

Never trust. Always verify. Reliable, secure connectivity, everywhere you need it.

Today's remote workers require enterprise-level connectivity at home. Unreliable and under-secured home networks not only impact productivity, but also expose organizations to security risks and cyber attacks.

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Zero trust can be a confusing term due to how it applies across many technologies. However, it does not need to be. This short book clarifies in simple terms what you need to know about Zero Trust Access (ZTA).

Get your copy of the comprehensive zero trust access eBook, that:

  • Defines zero trust in terms anyone can understand
  • Spells out the benefits of zero trust access
  • Shows the tenets of keeping privileged access secure

Plus, the challenges, solutions, and business benefits of a ZTA solution.


Every time a device or user connects to your network and is automatically trusted, your organization's applications and data are at risk. The traditional perimeter-based approach to security in which everything inside the network is trusted and everything else is not trusted is no longer effective. Organizations need to shiift to a zero-trust access strategy, based on the principle of "never trust, always verify", to ensure they know every device and user that accesses the network and how to protect their assets on and off the network.

Learn About:

  • Understand the basics of zero trust
  • Know and control who connects to your network
  • Know and control what connects to your network
  • Enforce role-based least-privilege access
  • Secure endpoints, networks, and clouds

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