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Work From Anywhere
Fortinet recognized as a Leader on the GigaOm Radar for Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Secure Work From Anywhere Solutions

Learn how IT leaders use zero trust to help secure work from anywhere or Learn how you can use zero trust to help secure work from anywhere.


The way people work has fundamentally evolved, and organizations need to take measures to ensure employees can work productively, safely, and securely whether they are located in the office, at home, or on the road.

Fortinet delivers endpoint, network, and remote access security integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric. Our unique approach enables consistent security and user experience regardless of where the worker—or the application—is located.

Centralized management and reporting are included in our comprehensive offering to help ease the burden on IT Teams.

Proven Technologies for Every Location

The Fortinet Work-From-Anywhere solution includes all the technologies required to secure a workforce of any size, in multiple locations.

Working in the Office

Corporate office components include ZTNA for appropriate access, EDR to stop malware, NGFW to provide security controls, and SD-WAN for secure connection to the cloud.

Working at Home

The home requires the same level of security as the corporate office, and needs to prioritize business apps. Along with ZTNA and EDR, an enterprise-grade router solves home office challenges.

Working on the Road

To protect against potentially unsecure networks encountered while travelling, laptops should have EDR and use ZTNA to access applications. FortiSASE for Internet access provides a firewall in the cloud for remote users.

Fortinet Work-From-Anywhere Solutions

The following key components enable employees to be productive anywhere they work.

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