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Fortinet FortiToken™ 220 Two-Factor Authentication
One-Time Password Token


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Strong Authentication at Your Fingertips

OATH compliant Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) tokens lets you solve Network Authentication Security problems affordably by adding a Second Factor for Strong Authentication. Relying solely on static passwords for remote access to your VPN and web sites provides only weak authentication, because your users’ passwords are vulnerable to theft or guessing, as well as dictionary and brute-force attacks. To solve these problems you can deploy FortiToken.

Leverage Existing Fortinet Platforms

Besides offering out-of-the-box interoperability with any time-based OATH compliant authentication server, such as the FortiAuthenticator from Fortinet, the FortiToken can also be used directly with the FortiGate® consolidated security platform, including High Availability configurations. FortiGate has an integrated authentication server for validating the FortiToken as the second authentication factor for SSL VPN, IPSec VPN, Captive Portal and Administrative login, thereby eliminating the need for the external RADIUS server ordinarily required when implementing two-factor solutions.

Online Activation with FortiGuard®

You can activate your FortiToken tokens online directly from FortiGate or FortiAuthenticator using the FortiGuard® Center, which maintains your token seeds in a managed service repository. Once the seeds are activated, they can no longer be accessed from FortiGuard, ensuring that your seeds are safe from compromise. Alternatively, Fortinet also offers an encrypted activation CD solution.


FortiToken Advantages

  • Reduces costs and complexity by using your existing FortiGate as the two-factor authentication server
  • Perpetual token license eliminates annual subscription fees
  • Scalable solution offers low entry cost and TCO
  • Zero footprint solution

Main Features

  • Integrated with FortiClient™ and protected by FortiGuard
  • OATH TOTP compliant
  • Large, easy-to-read, LCD display
  • Long-life Lithium battery
  • Tamper-resistant/tamper-evident packaging

Supported Platforms

  • FortiOS 4.3 and up
  • FortiAuthenticator — all versions

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