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Webinar: Engineered for Complete Protection
Securing Endpoints and Remote Users


Learn how to maintain an effective, secure remote workforce with a lean team by taking advantage of cloud-based management from a single-pane-of-glass. Proactive endpoint protection with built-in, always-on capable VPN protects users on and off the network and secures communications. Industry leading NGFW technology easily handles increased VPN traffic combined with multi-factor authentication to prevent credential theft.

Resources for Securing your Remote Workforce


FortiClient is more than advanced endpoint protection. As an integrated agent, FortiClient contains three key modules: Fabric Agent for security Fabric connectivity, the endpoint security modules, and the secure remote access modules.

Fortinet Forticlient

Fortinet EDR

Fortinet EDR

Like their larger counterparts, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) have had to build or scale a work-from-home infrastructure. Many have seen great benefit from remote workers, but having a large number of users outside the corporate network changes cybersecurity priorities and increases risk. Learn how Fortinet can help you ease into Secure Remote Work with these 4 keys to success.

Small and Midsize Business Network Protection

With 43% of attacks in 2019 targeting small and midsize businesses (SMBs),1 security is no longer a topic business leaders can ignore yet remains one of the most intimidating subjects for many leaders to tackle. New technologies expose new risks, meaning effective security must be complete security. Year after year, ransomware claims the honor of being the leading tactic used by attackers by exploiting these small holes for gain. The good news is security has gotten much better.

Learn how Fortinet can redefine network security for your small to midsize business today!

Fortinet Small Business

Fortinet Secure Connectivity

Fortinet Secure Office Networking

Whether you are operating in a remote work environment, or most of your users are in an office, or you have a hybrid of those two models, your underlying support system is the same: the office network. It is here that the majority of your data resides and your users must connect to access the resources they need to stay productive and ensure your company continues to grow. But how they connect, how data is shared, and where that data must travel continue to evolve.

Fortinet can make your office networking secure, and easy. Learn more abouve converged networking and security with Fortinet!

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