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Fortinet FortiAP Wireless Access Points

Protect your wireless LAN edge with secure Wi-Fi networking

Wi-Fi 7 Access Points

Wi-Fi 6E Indoor Access Points

FortiAP Rugged

Standard Access Points

Unified Threat Protection (UTP) Access Points


Fortinet’s wireless LAN equipment leverages Secure Networking to provide secure wireless access for the enterprise LAN edge. Our solution tightly integrates with the Fortinet Security Fabric to offer built-in security, end-to-end network visibility, and automated threat response. You can easily manage your wireless network and security with a single console to minimize administration time.

Versatile Secure Wireless

Our unique solution delivers:

  • Unified management to simplify operations and ensure consistent policy enforcement and compliance
  • Ideal functionality for the campus, SD-Branch, and remote workforce
  • Flexible deployment (indoors or outdoors) and management options (FortiGate- or cloud-managed)

Secure Wired and Wireless Connectivity for Safe, Dependable Connectivity | LAN Edge Security

LAN Edge equipment from Fortinet converges networking and security into a secure, simple to manage architecture with a single focal point for management and configuration. By leveraging Secure Networking, Fortinet allows you to secure the LAN Edge without the need for costly and complex licensing schemes.

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Features and Benefits

Secure Networking with FortiGate and FortiAP includes the following advantages.

  • SECURITY FABRIC INTEGRATION - Integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric provides Secure Networking to the edge of the network
  • AUTOMATION - Removing human reaction time from the equation improves network security at the access layer
  • ZERO-TOUCH DEPLOYMENT - Fast and simple deployment means no on-site tech support required
  • SECURE ACCESS SERVICE EDGE - Built-in foundation for SASE, allowing easy deployment of security at network edges
  • SCALABILITY FROM 1 TO 10,000 APS - A range of platforms makes it ideal for any sized deployment
  • WIRELESS PRESENCE ANALYTICS - Presence analytics capabilities track visitors and show path analysis

Secure Wireless LAN Use Cases

Secure Networking with FortiGate and FortiAP includes the following advantages.

  • SD Branch - Deploying branches can be expensive and difficult. Using FortiAPs along with Fortinet Secure SD-WAN creates a Secure SD-Branch.
  • Campus - Local-area networks in campuses can be complex. With FortiGate as a LAN controller, IT reduces risk by converging networking and security.
  • Teleworker - Extend corporate network access securely to remote workers by deploying FortiAPs as remote APs.

FortiAP Legacy Models