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Secure Wireless for Healthcare Starts With Fortinet

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FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points provide Integrated, Secure Wireless LAN Access for all Healthcare needs. Enabling simple, cost-effective Wireless Network Access, FortiAPs are an ideal solution for extending your FortiGate Connected UTM. With models designed for small branch offices, distributed enterprise locations, as well as high-density headquarters, FortiAPs allow you to deploy consistent security policies across both wired and wireless networks.

Healthcare IT Transformation

Fortinet Healthcare IT Transformation

Connected Patients & Visitors
A hotbed for cybersecurity risk

Patient access for internet access and streaming entertainment

Visitor access for internet access, wayfinding / visitor services

Pediatrics devices (connected toys, video game consoles, tablets)


Fortinet Healthcare IT Transformation

Healthcare continues to be a target

Fortinet Healthcare IT Transformation



  • Responsible for roughly 1 in every four reported breaches
  • #1 in number of incidents
  • Patient medical records contain a wealth of valuable information for potential hackers

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FortiAP 100 and 200 Series

FortiAP 300 and 400 Series

FortiAP 800 and Wall Mounted AP Series

FortiAP Smart AP and Universal AP Series

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