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Fortinet FortiNAC CA-500F
Security for networks with IoT

Fortinet FortiNAC

Fortinet Products
FortiNAC-CA-500F F series of the FortiNAC hardware supporting up to 5000 ports
List Price: $13,000.00
Our Price: $11,700.00

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Visibility, Zero Trust Access and Incident Response for Connected Assets and Users

FortiNAC™ continues to be a cutting-edge network access control solution, enabling organizations to enforce network access policies and assure adherence to security protocols in light of increasingly sophisticated threats. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of all devices and users on the network, facilitating granular control of access based on user roles, device types, network locations, and now the behavioral patterns of devices and users.

The solution’s capability now extends beyond automated onboarding of new endpoints; it incorporates real-time threat intelligence and continuous risk assessment of devices, leveraging machine learning and AI technologies from FortiGuard Services. Given the rising prominence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and IoT (Internet of Things), FortiNAC’s continuous monitoring and immediate remediation of non-compliant devices have become even more crucial.

Moreover, FortiNAC’s integration goes beyond third-party security solutions; it integrates with a wide range of cloud-based platforms and DevOps tools to ensure seamless and secure network operations in hybrid IT environments. FortiNAC leverages its integration with FortiAnalyzer to gain deep insight into network security posture, encompassing realtime visibility, predictive analytics, and more robust compliance reporting. With FortiNAC, organizations can more effectively secure their network against unauthorized access, potential threats, and increasingly, the insider threats, aligning with the emerging Zero Trust security model that emphasizes “never trust, always verify”


Granular Visibility Across the Network for Every Device and User

FortiNAC leverages AI and machine learning from FortiGuard Security Services to provide detailed profiling of devices, including headless devices and IoT assets on your network. This profiling incorporates multiple information sources, behavior patterns, and real-time threat intelligence to accurately identify and assess what is on your network.

Seamless Integration and Control Across Diverse Environments

With the power of micro-segmentation and Zero Trust policies, FortiNAC allows for configuration changes on switches and wireless products from an extended range of vendors. It amplifies the reach of the Security Fabric across multi-cloud, hybrid IT, and heterogeneous environments, implementing “never trust, always verify’ principles.

Automated Response

FortiNAC reacts to network events in real-time to contain threats before they spread, utilizing a broad and customizable set of automation policies. Leveraging AI, these policies can instantly trigger configuration changes and remediation actions when targeted behavior or anomalies are observed, aligning with the Zero Trust model’s dynamic and proactive approach.

Key Highlights

  • Implement dynamic network scanning to classify and analyze device behaviors using continuous, automated techniques
  • Maintain an updated inventory of all network devices, including BYOD, IoT, OT, and IoMT
  • Continuously assess risks for every endpoint using real-time threat intelligence and behavioral patterns
  • Adopt Zero Trust architecture for better device security and simplified management
  • Integrate with various third-party network tools ensuring compatibility
  • Relay real-time contextual data to SIEM, improving incident response. Ensure always-on identity checks and follow least privilege access, reinforcing the Zero Trust approach

Pricing Notes:

Fortinet Products
FortiNAC-CA-500F F series of the FortiNAC hardware supporting up to 5000 ports
List Price: $13,000.00
Our Price: $11,700.00
FortiNAC-CA-500F FortiCare Premium Support
FortiNAC-CA-500F 1 Year FortiCare Premium Support
List Price: $2,600.00
Our Price: $2,251.08
FortiNAC-CA-500F 3 Year FortiCare Premium Support
List Price: $7,800.00
Our Price: $6,753.24
FortiNAC-CA-500F 5 Year FortiCare Premium Support
List Price: $13,000.00
Our Price: $11,255.40