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Fortinet Expands FortiCASB Offering to Support New Cloud Applications

Digital innovation continues to be a major catalyst for organizations, enabling them to adopt a variety of infrastructure solutions, from SaaS applications to a mix of public and private clouds, that enable scalability and flexibility. Other factors, such as the growing work-from-anywhere business environment, have resulted in a surge of distributed users—along with an increased use of unsanctioned applications and services. However, the impact of employee-owned devices accessing work-related cloud applications, and employee use of corporate-issued devices to engage in personal activities, have increased the digital attack surface, especially as more applications, devices, data, and users are exposed.

To help organizations better secure this growing attack surface, Fortinet today announced that its Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution, FortiCASB, will now provide protection for new applications and platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Yammer, and ServiceNow. Extending FortiCASB’s security capabilities provides visibility into all stored data, enables the monitoring of user behavior and usage patterns, prevents malware propagation from cloud services, addresses and protects against sensitive data loss, and maintains compliance in the cloud by addressing a variety of compliance regulations, including SOX, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, and ISO27001—all through a centralized dashboard.

Securing the Modern Enterprise with FortiCASB Offerings

As a result of the growing attack surface being developed and deployed by organizations, security teams need to adopt a solution strategy that provides visibility into content, devices, and usage. This enables them to effectively extend security as potential attack surfaces expand, to protect against advanced malicious threats, infrastructure complexity, and increasing regulatory demands.

According to Gartner, “CASBs, now essential elements of cloud security strategies, help security and risk management leaders to discover cloud services and assess cloud risk. They identify and protect sensitive information, detect and mitigate threats, and institute effective cloud governance and compliance.” (1)

Fortinet’s FortiCASB, a cloud-native Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) subscription service, is designed to provide visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection for cloud-based services used in an organization.

FortiCASB capabilities include:

  • Direct API integration with SaaS applications
  • Real-time visibility into user behavior combined with activity monitoring
  • Granular access security and entitlement management
  • Data loss prevention and threat detection
  • Visibility across sanctioned and unsanctioned applications and services
  • Predefined policies and audit reports for compliance

FortiCASB Offerings Integrates with Leading SaaS and Cloud Services

FortiCASB already provides protection for business-critical SaaS applications, such as, Office365, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. In addition, FortiCASB now supports the following cloud services:

  • Public Clouds: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform FortiCASB now provides data protection into storage instances of multiple public cloud providers. Alerts can inform administrators if suspicious activity and content are detected.
  • Cisco Webex Teams: FortiCASB now provides insights into the Cisco communication and collaboration platform, including providing alerts on sensitive files and messages and enforcing data loss prevention.
  • Microsoft Yammer: FortiCASB now supports Microsoft’s social networking tool by scanning messages and attachments for sensitive data to enforce data loss prevention and compliance policies.
  • ServiceNow: FortiCASB also now provides support for ServiceNow by providing insights into sensitive data and malicious files in documents attached to tickets to enforce corporate and compliance policies.

FortiCASB: A Key Component of the Fortinet Security Fabric

The ability to leverage a comprehensive cybersecurity platform, such as the Fortinet Security Fabric, has become a critical need for most organizations, especially those looking to successfully drive digital innovation into and across cloud environments. The Fortinet Security Fabric enables customers to reduce complexity and risks while providing visibility and automation across their deployments.

Because FortiCASB is fully integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, it can manage the risks of security misconfigurations, provide centralized visibility and administrative controls, deliver data security in SaaS applications, and ensure that SaaS application configurations maintain regulatory compliance. FortiCASB is designed to ensure that all users of an organization’s SaaS applications are monitored and protected, no matter where they are located or what device they are using.